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General Information

Contact Information
Mrs. Pizzo

Merton Williams Middle School

Room 206

200 School Lane

Hilton, New York 14468


585-392-1000 ext. 3207


Twitter is one of the best ways to share short snipets of learning! Here is a short list of all of the cool ELA topics you can tweet...remember to include "@ELAPizzoStyle" so that I can experience your learning with you!

>   Books you have just finished with super
     short review


>   Beautifully written quotes from the 
     book you are reading


​>   Tier II words you have heard

>   Tier II words you have used

>   Pictures of book covers/Tier II words


>   Anything ELA/Reading long as it is true, helpful, inspiring, necessary and/or kind

* all posts must follow Hilton Central School District's PED policy for posting on-line.

Merton Williams Webpage
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Chromebook - charged

BookLove Book of Choice


Open Mind


Working Attitude





Compulsory class materials
Read EVERY Night


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