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Domain of One's Own

(O’Byrne & Pytash, 2017)

The purpose of this page is to share my learning through reflection. I spent two months in the summer of 2022 deepening my understanding of new literacies and their role in the 21st-century classroom (Barrett, 2022). I revisited my work throughout the semester and considered how my thinking has evolved. Below you will find reflections spanning a variety of instructional tools from Prezi, Canva, Glogster featuring Adobe Express, and Anchor Podcasts. These tools are just four that one can use in a K-12 learning space to inspire 21st-century learners.



How my thinking has evolved...

This Prezi presentation goes through my initial reflections from this course.  For directly cited reflections, continue through the remainder of this page.  All citations are included in a comprehensive references list located at the bottom of this page.

Image by Prezi


Information Highlights

This video, created using Canva, highlights concepts, quotes, and other ideas that resonated with me as I engaged with new literacies & digital literacies in education.



Annotated Bib. Podcast

As part of my doctoral program, I read literature that supports my research on digital literacies in teacher education programs. This annotated bibliography is unique in its format as each source is reviewed as a podcast episode directly inspired by my LAI 576 course and Dr. Nichole Barrett. 


Multimodal Compositions

Included on this Glogster-designed poster, are the projects I created to demonstrate my understanding of multimodal composition. I also included the reflections I shared with my professor as they include theories I used for each project's design. 


Image by author, Janeen Pizzo


Domain of One's Own References

These are the resources I used to cultivate my understanding of new literacies.


Image by author, Janeen Pizzo

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