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"Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise.  View life as a continuous learning experience. 

Denis E. Waitley

Every year new research unveils instructional practices that are most effective for reading, writing and learning.  As an educator, I feel it is my moral obligation to stay current with best practices and provide my students with quality, research-based instruction that will help them beyond the classroom walls.   

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Developing Critical Readers

Disrupting Thinking

This book focuses on developing critical readers and provides teachers with concrete strategies to help students do just that.  "Learning to extract information isn't enough...We need to develop readers who raise questions, hold multiple ideas in their minds, see a situation from multiple perspectives and who can evaluate texts..."

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Close Reading & Interpretation

Notice & Note:  Fiction

Helping students and teachers talk about a fictional text using signpost strategies.  This will change the way you are your readers engage with stories.

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Close Reading & Interpretation

Notice & Note: Nonfiction

Follows the principles of the fictional sign-posts, but offers appropriately made for nonfiction texts. Will help all readers engage critically with nonfiction texts.

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Teaching in the English Classroom

180 Days

When I worked with Penny Kittle in the summer of 2018, she stated, "Time is the currency of are you spending the limited time you have with your students?" I have taken this to heart and this book has helped me process how to utilize the time I have.

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Writing, Conferences, Assessments

Feedback that Moves Writers Forward

This books helps teachers focus less on correcting student work and more on helping students develop their writing identities, set writing goals, and how to conference with feedback that helps students develop a growth mindset.  

Writing, Conferences, Mentor Texts

Quickwrites Handbook

I worked with Linda Rief in the summer of 2018 and together we completed many of the writing activities that are in this handbook.  Teaching writing by being a writer is one of the most profound ah-ha moments I have had.  The mentor texts she has provided are engaging and I have used most of them during our writing workshop.

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Instructional Interventions

Learning in the Fast Lane

My principal led a book study for our staff here at Merton Williams and this was the first book she chose.  I loved the concrete interventions and strategies that Suzy Pepper Rollins presents: from effectively starting class to developing vocabulary and other inventions.  Ready for next day implementation! 

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Instructional Coaching

The Coaching Habit

I cannot truly express how much I learned about how to have an open conversation.  This book has not only helped my approach to instructional coaching, but the reading and writing conferences I have with  my students have also benefited.  This is one book I will keep coming back to!

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Instructional Coaching

Better Conversations

Effectively co-teaching, coaching each other and generally improving how we talk and engage with one another is the focus of Jim Knight's Better Conversations.  I am impressed by how much I have learned about simply becoming a better listener and how that leads to trust while finding a common ground.

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