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Worried about the summer reading slump that happens when your child has

eight weeks off during the summer? Well, I have decided to help this situation

with a summer version of Pizzo's Paperbacks!


Pizzo's Paperbacks takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays in July and August

from 9:00 to 10:30 am at the Greece Public Library. 


This club is by invite only so please contact me if you are interested in joining

and have not heard from me yet. 


This program is NOT affiliated with Hilton Central School District.

This program is designed to help our readers and writers gain the skills necessary for the high school through targeted, research-based learning centers. I will be working hard to make this opportunity purposeful and engaging! 

1.       Transportation will NOT be provided.

2.       Students will be asked to sign a behavior and work contract outlining reasonable expectations.  Students who do not meet expectations will not be allowed to continue.

3.       The outcome of this opportunity will vary per student.

4.       No formal assessments will be given so there will not be a formal progress report; however you may meet with me at any time during the duration of the program.

5.       Absences are ok if it is an excuse other than “student doesn’t want to attend”

6.       Access to the internet is NOT necessary but will be helpful in the event that a small activity is provided.

Preventing the Summer Reading Slump

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