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The words listed below are considered universal, NEED TO KNOW words...which is why we learn them during WORD STUDY in class.  I try to play a really awesome game called "who heard our words."  Basically, once learning our words, students are encouraged to listen for and use our TIER II words.  If they share the words they heard and the context in which they heard them in class, I sign off on their "word list."  Students can earn a cool, delicious jolly rancher when they share five or more times.  PARENTS:  please review the list below (7th or 8th grade) and work the words into your vernacular.  You will start seeing some pretty aweome reactions!!!



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Study Sets for all of these words can be found at on Quizlet!
7th Grade
  1. considerate: showing concern for another's feelings

  2. inspired: to be influenced or encouraged to do something 

  3. anxious: nervous or uneasy 

  4. antithesis: direct opposite, contrast 

  5. cynical: distrusting the motives and actions of others 

  6. obstacle: something real or imagined that gets in the way of progress 

  7. sympathetic: to showing support for others 

  8. candid: honest and sincere expression; free from bias 

  9. malicious: having or showing desire to cause harm to someone/something 

  10. emulate: to copy or imitate someone or something 

  11. genuine: honest or sincere 

  12. plethora: a lot of something 

  13. egotistical: an exaggerated sense of self-importance

  14. ingenious: cleverly inventive or resourceful 

  15. rapport: a relationship built on trust and understanding 

  16. laborious: something that requires a lot of work 

  17. dispute: an argument or debate 

  18. perception: knowledge based on observation 

  19. eloquent: speech/actions that are powerful, expressive, moving 

  20. speculate: to think or reflect on something

  21. deceive: to lie or trick someone 

  22. identity: a person's individuality

  23. rational: to make sense 

  24. irrational: to not make sense 

  25. verbatim: word for word 

  26. loathe: to hate 

  27. perplex: to be confused or puzzled 

  28. flagrant: obvious or clear 

  29. utmost: to the maximum 

  30. corrupt: to be dishonest 

  31. authentic: real; not fake or copied 

  32. menacing: to be threatening 

  33. chronological: order of events according to time 

  34. sequence: pattern or order 

  35. exuberant: full of enthusiasm or joy 

  36. conviction: a strong belief 

  37. vile: disgusting 

  38. ferocity: extreme intensity 

  39. elite: socially superior 

  40. nonchalant: in an unconcerned manner 

  41. sullen: gloomy or depressed 

  42. reckless: without care for consequences or danger 

  43. premonition:  a feeling that something is going to happen 

  44. gallant:  brave; noble 

  45. reluctant:  unwilling to do something 

  46.  vacant:  empty 

  47. contempt:  feeling of dislike or lack of respect for someone 

  48. indignant:  angry because something is unfair 

  49. jovial:  a feeling of joy or cheer 

  50. divulge: to make known; to tell 

  51. fallacy:  a false belief 

  52. virtuoso:  a person with a skill or talent 

  53. unanimous:  everyone is in agreement 

  54.  quandary:  a problem or a time when one feels uncertain 

  55.  aptitude:  a natural ability or talent that someone has 

  56. jargon:  vocabulary that is used for a particular trade or profession 

  57. restitution:  to pay back for what has been lost, damaged, etc. 

  58. ominous:  threatening; bad omen 

  59. furtive: being sneaky or sly 

  60.  adversary:  a person who is against another; an enemy


8th Grade​

  1. abrasive: very unpleasant or irritating

  2. enigma: something that is hard to understand

  3. perilous: involving potential loss or injury 

  4. billow: to rise up and make big 

  5. despondent: feeling or showing no hope 

  6. pragmatic: willing to see things as they really are and deal with them rationally 

  7. speculate: to form an opinion from little or no evidence 

  8. erratic: lacking a definite plan, purpose, or pattern 

  9. intuitive: the power of knowing immediately and without conscious reasoning 

  10. fickle: likely to change; unstable 

  11. immoral: against what is right; not good or decent 

  12. assiduous: involved in constant activity 

  13. camaraderie : the feeling of closeness and friendship 

  14. mundane: the practical details of regular life 

  15. obsolete: having passed its time of usefulness 

  16. guru: a person with a high level of knowledge or skill in a field 

  17. eccentric: different from the ordinary 

  18. insinuate: to convey an idea indirectly 

  19. callous: having or showing a lack of sympathy 

  20. trepidation: to have anxiety; alarmed 

  21. eclectic: selecting or choosing from a variety of sources 

  22. accolade: recognition of achievement 

  23. capricious: likely to change frequently or unexpectedly 

  24. finite: having a limit 

  25. laconic: using few words; expressing much in few words 

  26. reprehensible: very bad; deserving strong criticism 

  27. adversity: a state of serious or continued difficulty

  28. misnomer: a wrong or unsuitable name 

  29. tenacious: persistent  or stubborn; not letting go

  30. pretentious: appearing/trying to appear better than one is 

  31. ludicrous: very foolish; obviously absurd 

  32. resonance: strongly affecting someone or something 

  33. proverbial: commonly spoken of; widely known

  34. bigot: a person who is intolerant of any differing belief or opinion 

  35. deduce: to make an inference (draw conclusion) 

  36. elicit: to draw or bring out or forth 

  37. tedious: something that is tiresome because of length or dullness 

  38. notorious: widely known, talked about (in a bad way) 

  39. aspire: strive toward a high goal 

  40. daunting: tending to overwhelm or intimidate

  41. hypocrite: a person who acts opposite to his/her stated beliefs 

  42. vindicate: to set free 

  43. spiteful:  showing a desire to harm, anger or defeat someone 

  44. ambiguous:  capable of being understood in two or more ways 

  45. tact:  knowing what to say or do in order to maintain good relations with others 

  46. formidable:  intimidating because of fear or awe 

  47. reclusive:  shut off from the world; secluded 

  48. decorum:  the state of being proper/properly behaved 

  49. vernacular:  plain, ordinary language 

  50. ethical: knowing right or wrong and following moral principles 

  51. gullible:  easily deceived or cheated 

  52. analogy:  a comparison made to show a similarity 

  53. incredulous:  a feeling of disbelief 

  54.  skeptical:  to show doubt or uncertainty 

  55.  modest:  not too proud or openly confident

  56. loyal:  to be faithful 

  57. assertive:  confidently aggressive or self-assure 

  58. inevitable:  unable to be avoided 

  59. compulsory: something that is required or mandatory 

  60.  juxtapose:  place side by side


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