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Washington DC Trip

Trip Reminders


Money – IN A SEPARATE ENVELOPE - $2.75 cash – EXTACT MONEY! This is for the Metro ride – you will hand this to your chaperone when you get on the bus Tuesday.

- Money for Thursday's lunch - $10.00 should be enough 

- Money for Friday’s lunch is necessary as well – only $5.00 given that day

- Money for souvenirs is up to your parents (hoodies $25 – tshirts $20 etc.)- - Money for snacks/drinks – up to your parents


Medications - You MUST have a doctor’s note sent/faxed/handed to school nurse. We are NOT allowed give you any medications without a doctor’s note


Use the packing list provided at parent meeting to help you pack.


IF IT IS SUPPOSED TO RAIN – bring a poncho (can be found at Dollar Store) – bring extra socks in case your feet get wet


Bring in PG-13 movies – put your name on them or you might not get them back


Luggage can be dropped off on Monday 2:15-4:00 or Tuesday AM – no luggage on busses


Bus Driver – learn name, use name, respect him/her


Bus – you will clean your area of the bus EVERY night. I will provide bags for both garbage and recycling


Food and Drinks – re-sealable containers only – no energy drinks allowed – don’t binge on junk food because you are on a bus and it will make you sick


Safety - Stay with group ENTIRE trip! Wear lanyards ENTIRE trip! BE RESPONSIBLE ENTIRE TRIP!


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